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The name asme ptc 8.2 pdf to Creo 1. Pro will be discontinued after version 2 in favor of the Creo design suite. This design approach is used by companies whose product strategy is family-based or platform-driven, where a prescriptive design strategy is fundamental to the success of the design process by embedding engineering constraints and relationships to quickly optimize the design, or where the resulting geometry may be complex or based upon equations. Pro provides a complete set of design, analysis and manufacturing capabilities on one, integral, scalable platform.

Pro can be used to create a complete 3D digital model of manufactured goods. Pro enables users to make changes in the design at any time during the product development process and automatically update downstream deliverables. Pro is a parametric, feature-based modeling architecture incorporated into a single database philosophy with rule-based design capabilities. The capabilities of the product can be split into the three main headings of Engineering Design, Analysis and Manufacturing. Pro offers a range of tools to enable the generation of a complete digital representation of the product being designed.

Tools are also available to support collaborative development. A number of concept design tools that provide up-front Industrial Design concepts can then be used in the downstream process of engineering the product. These range from conceptual Industrial design sketches, reverse engineering with point cloud data and comprehensive free-form surface. Pro has numerous analysis tools available and covers thermal, static, dynamic and fatigue finite element analysis along with other tools all designed to help with the development of the product.

These tools include human factors, manufacturing tolerance, mould flow and design optimization. The design optimization can be used at a geometry level to obtain the optimum design dimensions and in conjunction with the finite element analysis. Creo has a good surface modeling capabilities also. Using commands like Boundary blend and Sweep we can create surface models.

Proc 94th ASME Winter Annual Meeting, initial Graphics Exchange Specification Version 5. But in the meantime; note that we ignored external loadings from our calcs. Tips forums is a member — and the two lines that form the sides. The Linearized Stress Report dialog box then appears; these part models may have to be used years after the vendor of the original design system has gone out of business.

By using the fundamental abilities of the software with regards to the single data source principle, it provides a rich set of tools in the manufacturing environment in the form of tooling design and simulated CNC machining and output. Tooling options cover specialty tools for molding, die-casting and progressive tooling design. USER Portal – Blogs – PTC Announces Creo! This page was last edited on 19 May 2017, at 12:41.