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Easily download and save what you find. Eric Edmund Morris, an airline pilot. Dropping out of college in 1961, he worked in the retail advertising department of a menswear store in Durban. Most of the brochures and advertisements he designed and wrote were for the Zulu market, and he later claimed that this early training in “making words move merchandise” was invaluable to the formation of his literary style. Belding, an American advertising agency. English teacher and writer, and emigrated with her to the United States two years later.

Reagan aides to appoint Morris as the president’s official biographer. 3 million contract with Random House to write his authorized biography. This “fly-on-the-wall” privilege was made doubly unusual by Reagan’s willingness to let Morris write his biography without any editorial control. Morris spent the next fourteen years researching and writing the story of Reagan’s life in Washington D. The biography’s long gestation was the result of a radical change in narrative method, caused by Morris’s frustration with what he has described as Reagan’s lack of “curiosity about himself. His remarks were leaked to the press and gave rise to rumors that Morris did not understand his subject. The book caused an international sensation because it was presented, without explanation or apology, as a work of nonfiction by an imaginary author.

Although the story of Reagan’s life was authentic and documented with 153 pages of notes, the parallel “story” of its author, one “Arthur Edmund Morris” born in Chicago in 1912, enraged many critics and readers who had been expecting a conventional presidential biography. Reagan, he said, was an enigma to anyone who sought to explain him by orthodox means. He was truly one of the strangest men who’s ever lived. Nobody around him understood him.

I, every person I interviewed, almost without exception, eventually would say, “You know, I could never really figure him out. Like most born actors, “Dutch” came alive only on stage. His biographer therefore had to be, in effect, his audience — right from the time when “Arthur Edmund Morris” first became aware of “Dutch” Reagan in the early 1920s, through to the actual acquaintance of author and subject half a century later. Morris pointed out that “TR” was a subject so self-explanatory as to obviate any authorial intrusion into the narrative. Morris’s Theodore Roosevelt trilogy, came out in 2010.