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All of the defendants confessed to these charges during the show trial with a few notable, but limited, exceptions. The darkness at noon koestler pdf for this trial was delayed in its early stages due to the reluctance of some party members to denounce their comrades.

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Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn claimed that Stalin also observed some of the trial in person from a hidden chamber in the courtroom. Only one defendant, Nikolai Krestinsky, initially refused to admit his guilt. I fully and completely admit that I am guilty of all the gravest charges brought against me personally, and that I admit my complete responsibility for the treason and treachery I have committed. Bukharin’s confession was limited in a different fashion. Vyshinsky asked him about a conspiracy to weaken Soviet military power, Bukharin responded “it was not discussed, at least in my presence,” at which point Vyshinsky dropped the question and moved to another topic.

There is other evidence that Bukharin had reached an agreement to trade his confession for personal concessions of some sort. Bukharin also wrote a series of very emotional letters to Stalin protesting his innocence and professing his love for Stalin, which contrasts with his critical opinion of Stalin and his policies expressed to others and his conduct in the trial. Yet Bukharin appears to have strayed from that agreement at trial. While he had accepted responsibility “even for those crimes about which I did not know or about which I did not have the slightest idea” on the theory that he was the head of the “Bloc of Rightists and Trotskyites”, he testified that the Bloc did not exist and its members had never met.