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How to Fill Out and File a Schedule K 1. Schedule K-1 is a reporting document, similar to a 1099 electronically fill out pdf form a W-2.

You must fill out a Schedule K-1 individually for each partner in a partnership or shareholder in a corporation. If you are a trustee, or executor of an estate, you also must fill out a Schedule K-1 for each beneficiary who received payments from the trust or estate during the year. If you are the fiduciary of a trust or estate, you must fill out a Schedule K-1 for each beneficiary who received a distribution from the trust or estate. The Schedule K-1 allows each beneficiary to separate the different types of income he or she may have received from you, allowing her to easily include the information on her tax return. Enter information about the estate or trust. In Part I of the Schedule K-1, write in the tax identification number of the estate or trust, the name of the estate or trust, and the fiduciary’s name and address. Enter information about the beneficiary.

In Part II of the Schedule K-1, enter the beneficiary’s name, address, and tax identification or Social Security number. If there is more than one beneficiary for the trust or estate, you must fill out a separate Schedule K-1 for each one. You may truncate the beneficiary’s tax identification or Social Security number on the beneficiary’s copy of Schedule K-1. You do this by replacing the first five digits of the number with either Xs or asterisks. Enter the beneficiary’s income from the estate or trust in Boxes 1 through 8 of Part III, as appropriate. Beneficiaries must include the amount of income distributed to them from the estate or trust in their gross income for that year.

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All income has the same character on the beneficiary’s tax return as it does for the estate or trust. 2,000 in interest income from the trust, she would pay the same taxes on it that she paid for any other interest income. If the estate or trust has more than one beneficiary, you list each beneficiary’s proportionate share of the income on his or her respective Schedule K-1. Enter deductions and credits in Boxes 9 through 13. These are the payments that reduce the taxable income of the trust or estate, and can offset some of the tax liability of the trust or estate itself. These amounts rarely can be used by beneficiaries on their tax returns, but they must be included on the Schedule K-1. Include any other information in Box 14.

If you have any other information, such as foreign taxes paid or investment income tax, that beneficiaries might need to fill out their own tax forms, enter these amounts in Box 14 along with the appropriate code. Send out your K-1 forms to all beneficiaries by March 15th. Since beneficiaries need the information on the K-1 to complete their own tax returns, the IRS provides an earlier deadline before tax day. File all Schedules K-1 with your Form 1041. You must file the Form 1041 tax return for the estate or trust by April 15 of the year in which the income was earned and distributed. These returns can be filed electronically, or mailed to the appropriate address listed in the IRS instructions for the Form. Understand the purpose of the Schedule K-1.