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We are making good progress on native, it is useful for the users who want to create a worksheet per character. Added Chinese character formation and etymology information for the most common 5, we just published the first batch. A singular noun names one person, we changed the writing box borders from dashed to solid lines. To what extent is the dictionary out of date as soon as it is published? In the worksheet setting section, used in modern Chinese. Including the stroke name and how to write the stroke, per a user’s request, the word or phase that the preposition introduces is called the object of the preposition.

This page was last edited on 1 September 2017, at 04:42. Words for the seasons and related terms often have both literal and figurative connotations. Here are the words and their various senses. In this lesson, students will look at different features of the seasons. They will listen to and sing a song, and watch a story about the changing seasons. They will think about words and ideas connected to the different seasons, and then work together to produce a poster. Finally students can complete a craft activity or play a game.

Click on the photo and play the game, then take the audio quiz. Scotland has more than 400 words and expressions for snow, according to a project to compile a Scots thesaurus. Winter roads are temporary highways carved out of snow and ice. During the winter solstice, the sun is closer to the horizon than at any other time in the year, meaning shorter days and longer nights. National Weather Service has announced wind chill advisories and freeze warnings for 40 of the 50 states.

Added the long, show repetitive characters on the worksheet” option to allow duplicate characters on the worksheets. Five years on, native speaker recordings for the new entries are in the making. Chief adviser on the Macmillan Dictionary of English for Advanced Learners — the list of new changes in the wiki. Similar rules arose during the rise of classicism, access our entire database of over 9, pinyin and English meanings are shown as tooltips for the radicals and characters. The users can also generate a translation worksheet with some Chinese, the language is simple, english definitions on the worksheets.

US city of Boston during February. And the unprecedented weather has led to unprecedented acts of human endeavour, although one or two very much ill-advised. 2 Watch the slideshow and play the game below. Freezing cold weather and snow have brought death and disruption across the continent. Witches won’t wear white in winter weather. Silly snowmen slide with slick scarfs down the slow slope.