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This is a good article. Final fantasy 1 strategy guide pdf the link for more information. Final Fantasy V Box JAP. April 6, 2011 in Japan.

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The game begins as a wanderer named Bartz investigates a fallen meteor. There, he encounters several characters, one of whom reveals the danger facing the four Crystals that control the world’s elements. These Crystals act as a seal on Exdeath, an evil sorcerer. Bartz and his party must keep the Crystals from being exploited by Exdeath’s influence and prevent his resurgence.

Despite being released only in Japan, the Super Famicom version sold more than two million copies. Most towns contain scattered inns for resting, shops for purchasing equipment, and people from whom the player can gain information. A menu-based management system allows the player to equip, heal, and change each character’s selected job outside of battle as well as to save the game’s progress. ATB Bar”—which fills according to a character’s speed. When the selected character’s turn arrives, the player can execute one of several commands, such as attacking the enemy with an equipped weapon, using a special ability or item, or changing the character’s row position.

Once the player gains access to the job system, characters begin to earn a separate form of experience—Ability Points—in conjunction with regular experience points. AP and job levels do not transfer from class to class. Black Mage may set Black Magic as a secondary command, enabling both Black Mage and Knight abilities in battle. Thief’s “Caution” skill, which prevents rear attacks from enemies. This system allows for deeper customization of characters.

One millennium before the events of the main story, a powerful mage named Enuo imperiled the world using the power of an evil entity called the “Void”. Void itself could not be destroyed. Crystals into two sets, effectively creating two worlds. The Void then became sealed in a dimensional cleft between the two worlds. Nearly a thousand years passed without incident, and both worlds prospered due to the powers of their Crystals of Wind, Water, Fire, and Earth. New kingdoms and towns flourished, and travel by ship acted as a critical means of commerce and communication. However, a sinister force was stirring in the second world—ever since the Void incident, malicious demons had been sealed inside a tree in the Great Forest of Moore.