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This article is about the news provider in the United Itv brand guidelines pdf. British-based news and content provider. It is made up of three divisions: ITN News, ITN Source and ITN Productions.

Beijing, Brussels, Jerusalem, Johannesburg, New York, Paris, Sydney and Washington DC. Between 1955 and 1999, ITN was more commonly known as the general brand name of ITV’s news programmes. ITN continues as the network’s news provider. The first bulletin was broadcast at 10pm on 22 September 1955 on ITV’s launch night. There was also some early tensions with the ITV companies. ITV contractor for the north and Midlands on weekends, immediately called for shorter ITN bulletins.

Throughout the early years, ITN continued to develop its service to the ITV network with an agenda to firstly, fulfil its public service broadcasting requirements and secondly satisfy the ITV companies by attracting viewers. My view was that at ITN we must be at least as responsible and accurate as the BBC, without being so damned boring”. As ITV expanded, each ITV company that made up the network’s federal structure had to purchase a stake in ITN and to continue to finance the company. In 1967, ITN was given the go-ahead by the ITA to provide a full 30 minute daily news programme at 10pm on ITV. There was further tension with the ITV executives as they were sceptical of the idea that viewers would want a full 30 minutes of news every Monday to Friday and they were also losing valuable peak time slots which could be used for the sale of commercial advertising.

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It was initially given a 13-week trial run, however, the programme proved to be extremely popular with viewers and continued for a further 32 years. British history with a reputation for high quality journalism and innovation. BBC to establish a fixed nightly news bulletin at 9pm. ITN also established other programmes in the ITV schedule.

1977 report on the future of broadcasting, which declared: “We subscribe to the generally held view that ITN has the edge over BBC news. The hour long programme has been broadcast at 7pm since it started and has a reputation for high quality journalism and thorough analysis. Until the 1990s, ITN had a guaranteed right and obligation to provide news for ITV and Channel 4. ITN has had to apply and bid for a licence to provide such services on these networks and would have to fight competition in order to preserve its services, as had become the case with other ITV franchisees.