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The best piano exercises for beginners. Inspired by the Other another exercises pdf Exercises.

Learning to play the piano smoothly is easy with these exercises. These piano exercises won’t cost too mcuh of your time. These kind of exercises are called the “five finger exercises”. This allows the left hand to become as skilful as the right hand! The full C position will be our starting point as a default unless something else is mentioned. How to Practice these Piano Exercises?

You can gradually play faster when you feel that your hands are moving smoothly and in a loose manner. Use a Metronome in order to conrol your rhythm as you gradually play faster. Notice what sound you’re producing. As you completed the shifting process, shifting from middle C to the higher C reverse the formule to 5-4-3-2-1 and descend all the way back to middle C. Make sure you do that in order to get the username and password codes for the piano exercises I provide here under. These next few piano exercise focuse on ascending and descending stepwise like.

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The step is the most basic elements in creating progress in music. Your browser does not support the audio tag. Skips are the second common element in musical melodies. A skip paves the way to a musical climax.

The skip can suggest an emphesis on an harmonic moment. You can preform skips in different intervals going up and down. The combination of Skips and steps creates various melodic lines. The art is to know how to combine it beautifully.

When you play Legato there should be no silence when moving from one note to the next. 1-2 Each hand plays legato separately in the first two piano exercises . Imagine each hand is a different singer so it has to be very independent. 3-4 In the next two piano exercises, both hands are playing Legato at the same time. 5-6 The next exercises focus on playing Staccato.

The notes should be played with a bouncing touch. Make sure that the notes are short and detached. 7-8 In the next piano exercises, both hands are playing staccato together. 9 Mixing Staccato and Legato – In these exercises you’re supposed to play legato with the one hand and staccato with the other. 10 In these exercises both hands are switching between playing legato and staccato at the same time, . In these exercises – one hand plays Legato while the other one plays Staccato.