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This article is about stair units integrated into aircraft. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. The stairs are often plane ticket template pdf into a clamshell-style door on the aircraft. As airport infrastructure has developed, the need for airstairs has decreased, as jetways or mobile stairways are often available.

VIPs at any time – with or without the cooperation of ground services. The most common type of airstair is found in most business aircraft, regional jets, and other small airliners, which is a stair built into the inside of the main passenger door, which is lowered to the outside. The stairs are actually part of the door rather than an attached stair. This design is efficient and because the aircraft which use it sit low to the ground, the design can stay simple and not add complexity or weight to the design, one of the biggest problems with airstair assemblies. Another widespread type of airstair is used for forward doors. The stair folds and stows under the floor of the door and is deployed from the fuselage immediately below the forward door. A unique airstair design was used for the aft doors of 737 Combi aircraft, which consisted of a clamshell door which dropped down to open much like a business aircraft, but then had stairs which were stored trifold in the curve of the door, which would unfold to the ground.

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This system was very cumbersome, was very susceptible to damage, and thus has been removed by many of its users. The most unusual airstair design was found on the Lockheed L-1011, which was a full-height airstair which was stored in a cargo compartment and allowed access from the right aft passenger door to the ground. This design was ultimately so large and heavy, and it took up valuable cargo space, that it was rarely used. The original On-Board Folding Airstairs were designed by Winters Aircraft Engineering Company over 30 years ago.

FAA PMA for all of the original STC’s issued to Winters, as well as STC’s issued to subsequent manufactures including Kaiser Aerospace, WAPCO, and Advanced Aerospace. The On-Board Folding Airstairs can be found in use on many U. Foreign Military and Government Aircraft including the Boeing E4B as well as VIP aircraft around the world. A rear, ventral, airstair can be used as a safe means of parachuting from an airliner that is equipped with one. However it is unknown if he survived the jump. Boeing 727 that was to be crashed and flew it to a pre-selected desert site before safely parachuting from the ventral hatch.

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