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More than a billion laboratory tests that identify and measure chemicals, such as lead or cholesterol, are performed each year in the United States. The test results have a significant influence on medical decisions. CDC offers customized QA and standardization programs to help laboratories improve the quality and reliability of their measurement procedures. The specific CDC services that are offered provide: reference materials, proficiency testing, training, guidelines, and consultations. Each CDC laboratory QA and standardization program is voluntary and most are free of charge. Improves the detection and diagnosis of cardiovascular diseases by ensuring laboratory measurements that test patients’ blood for cholesterol levels are accurate and reliable.

Addresses laboratory quality-assurance issues related to testing for iodine deficiency. Improves the diagnosis of polycystic ovary syndrome, certain cancers, and other diseases of hormone excess and deficiency. Focuses on whole blood multi-analyte quality-assurance of blood lead, cadmium, and mercury measurements. Provides services to laboratories and manufacturers of diagnostic products for newborn screening for detection of treatable, inherited metabolic diseases. Addresses laboratory quality-assurance issues related to testing for arsenic contamination for total arsenic and seven species of arsenic.

Assists laboratories in monitoring the degree of variability and bias in their assays. Improves the detection and diagnosis of bone diseases by ensuring that laboratory tests for vitamin D are accurate and reliable. The MoH offers affordable care to a majority of Belizeans with a strong focus on providing quality healthcare through a range of public programs and institutions. In contrast to the public health sector, the private health sector provides care to a smaller portion of the population. However, similar to the public sector, private health services are offered at a relatively low cost with a shared emphasis on quality of care and quality improvement.

The need for improved primary healthcare strategies was recognized during the 1980s. Two years later, the MoH launched a National Health Plan, “Quest for Equity”, which included an analysis of the major health conditions and determinants of health impacting Belize. The results revealed a number of problems surrounding the health sector and identified key policy areas and priorities for improving the healthcare system. The primary objectives of the reform project included increasing access to care, improving quality of care, and ensuring the efficient and equitable delivery of care across both health sectors. Only the Central Health Region, which serves the largest population in Belize, offers tertiary care services . In addition some progress was made in terms of the organization and management of the health system. Since the inception of the HSRP, there have been continued efforts focused on reformation of the health sector with the national goal of improving health status through accessible quality care.

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2011 National Health Plan included a list of essential public health functions that specified minimum performance levels that both the public and private health sector must adhere to in order to maintain and improve health outcomes. During this time, there was also further expansion of primary care services and an increasing emphasis on mental health. For example, the MoH launched a strategic mental health plan in 2009 aimed at integrating mental health services into primary care. Specifically, the mental health plan aims to achieve greater mental health through increased delivery of community-based care and targeted efforts to improve prevention and management of mental disorders as well as improved psychosocial rehabilitation.

2001 and was expanded to the southern region of Belize in 2006. A separate agency within the Social Security Board has been established to oversee the financing and purchasing duties for the NHI fund, while the MoH remains in charge of the regulatory and policy-making functions. Today, there are continued efforts to expand the NHI program throughout Belize. 2008 with the introduction of the Belize Health Information System. The BHIS is an integrated comprehensive health information system that allows for the collection and dissemination of population-based and record-based health data with the goal of improving health outcomes and health performance.

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