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The book follows David, a twelve-year-old boy who struggles the book of strange new things pdf his mother’s death and his father’s remarriage. King, who can return him to his home.

The novel takes a fresh look at traditional fairy tales, following a child’s journey into adulthood. David – A boy of twelve, who loves books and stories. After his mother’s death and his father’s remarriage, he is magically transported into another world and must seek out King Jonathan and his Book of Lost Things to find a way to return home. David’s mother – She dies at the beginning of the novel and is an inspiration for David to enter into the “other world”, since he is tricked by the Crooked Man into believing she is there and in distress.

The Crooked Man – The antagonist, he lures David into the other world and is both David’s protector and his enemy. The Woodsman – David’s friend, who promises him to get to the king. Their child was the first Loup, named Leroi. There are many wolves, who have begun to transform into humans. With the ability to talk, some have nearly-human faces, walk on two legs, and wear human clothes. King Jonathan and take his place.

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The title refers to a book kept by King Jonathan which contains many things from “our world” and his past. The title may also be understood as a metaphor for the relationship between David and the loss of his childhood, his plunge into the adult world. The main character, David, is faced with his mother’s slow death. David thinks that his mother’s eventual death occurred on the day that he made a mistake in his routine. While David tries to adapt to his new family, he begins to hear his books whispering and has “attacks” during which he sees visions of a strange land. He finds himself lured to another world, hidden in a crack in the sunken garden of the family’s new home.