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The greatest casualty is being forgotten. As of June 1, 2015, WWP served 71,866 registered alumni and 11,494 registered members. WWP has also provided a year-long Track program, which helps veterans the forgotten warrior pdf to college and the workplace. The WWP Backpacks program continues to remain a central activity of WWP, evidenced by the 16,992 backpacks they had distributed as of August 1, 2013.

WWP as a program in November 2003. 7 million to WWP to “develop into a stand-alone charity with its own identity and programs,” with the intent to expand its services from providing immediate comfort items to providing longer-term support for returning wounded veterans via compensation, education, health care, insurance, housing, employment, etc. Wounded Warrior Project registered for incorporation on February 23, 2005. Secretary for the purpose of preparation, presentation, and prosecution of claims under laws administered by the Department of Veterans Affairs.

The Veterans Administration’s online List of Representatives for Accredited Organizations includes contact information for WWP’s accredited service officers. 3 million renovation according to the Jacksonville Business Journal. On May 27, 2014, WWP filed a lawsuit against Dean Graham, a disabled veteran with PTSD, and his Help Indiana Vets, Inc. After a court ruling, Graham retracted the allegations he leveled against Wounded Warrior Project and folded his direct-aid non-profit. WWP “a ‘Neighborhood Bully’ among Veterans Groups? WWP, he removed his articles critical of their policies, later retracting his criticisms and issuing a public apology. The bill would alter current law, which allows access to such counseling only to active duty members of the military, so that members of the Reserves and National Guard would be eligible.

The WWP did a study of its alumni and found that, “almost half of the respondents indicated accessing care through VA for MST-related conditions was ‘very difficult’. The WWP also testified that in addition to expanding access to MST care, the VA needed to improve care itself, because veterans report “inadequate screening, providers who were either insensitive or lacked needed expertise and facilities ill-equipped to appropriately care for MST survivors. 114,817,090 on programs in support of wounded veterans, the families, and caregivers. We must decline the opportunity to be the beneficiary of your event due to our fundraising event criteria, which doesn’t allow community events to be religious in nature. Shortly after the church received this letter, a WWP spokesperson apologized and said that it was a miscommunication.

WWP sells its donor information to third parties. It also alleged that WWP distributed what it deemed an insubstantial percentage of donations to actual wounded warriors, and that it overpaid its executive staff. It also reported claims of work environment of coercion, and multiple terminations. WWP had grown to spend millions of dollars annually on team-building events. Bartlett to perform an independent review of spending issues related to the company’s funds.

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Board chairman Anthony Odierno was announced as temporarily taking control of the charity. In February 2017, the Better Business Bureau released a report clearing Wounded Warrior Project of the “lavish spending” allegations, and “found the organization’s spending to be consistent with its programs and mission. 1 percent of its revenue to program expenses and 24. 7 percent to fundraising and administrative expenses. In January 2017 The Better Business Bureau’s Wise Giving Alliance renewed its accreditation of WWP, for the next two years, as meeting the 20 standards for charity accountability.

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