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2009 and start of transfer factor recall pdf. Toyota initiated the recalls, the first two with the assistance of the U. The second recall, on January 21, 2010, was begun after some crashes were shown not to have been caused by floor mat incursion.

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October 5, 2009, amended January 27, 2010. As of January 28, 2010, Toyota had announced recalls of approximately 5. 3 million vehicles for the accelerator pedal problem. 7 million vehicles are subject to both. The next day, Toyota widened the recall to include 1.

8 million vehicles in Europe and 75,000 in China. By then, the worldwide total number of cars recalled by Toyota stood at 9 million. As of January 2010, 21 deaths were alleged due to the pedal problem since 2000, but following the January 28 recall, additional NHTSA complaints brought the alleged total to 37. Government officials, automotive experts, Toyota, and members of the general public contested the scope of the sudden acceleration issue and the veracity of victim and problem reports. Various parties attributed sudden unintended acceleration reports to mechanical, electric, and driver error causes.

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