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Wizard of oz score pdf is always free of charge. Sync your files with the cloud! Dorothy on Tuesday evenings and took over the role full-time in February 2012. Hope won and Evans was the runner-up.

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Toronto production began in December 2012 and closed in August 2013, and was followed by a North American tour. It then toured for nine years. Baum’s original novel than most previous versions. Frank Gabrielson from the novel, but it is influenced in some respects by the motion picture screenplay.

It uses most of the songs from the film. Both the MUNY and RSC adaptations were successes and have been revived numerous times in the US and UK. 1939 film’s screenplay, and Rice and Lloyd Webber added several new songs to the film’s score. The film has one or two holes where in the theatre you need a song.

For example, there’s nothing for either of the two witches to sing. He also commented “Tim and I are doing quite a specific thing, because we know what’s missing. Dorothy on Tuesday evenings and when Hope was ill or on holiday. September 2011 by her understudy, Marianne Benedict. Hope and Crawford left the production on 5 February 2012.

The Wizard, for 14 weeks. The Wizard from May 2012 until the production closed. Stephanie La Rochelle as 1st runner up. The production concluded its run on 18 August 2013, having been seen by over 500,000 people. The Wicked Witch of the West. The unpleasant Miss Gulch threatens to call the sheriff after Toto bites her leg. Dorothy runs home for shelter.